The Farm at Cape Kidnappers, Te Awanga, New Zealand

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ARareWorld is a journal of honest reviews of the world’s top hotels and resorts.

From design direction to guest amenities to service interactions, our editors share the details that matter most to the most discerning travelers – and they’re not always glowing! For ten years, thousands of well-traveled individuals and families have remained loyal followers of ARareWorld’s unconflicted editorial integrity for exactly this reason. Our staff of experienced editors is never afraid to tell it like it is.

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Why ARareWorld?


Subscribers enjoy private access to privileged information previously only available to those in the know. In a world dominated by editorial pleasantries, we dare to tell it like it is without fear of consequence. We never accept advertising from the properties we review, and never will.


We deliberately exclude scores and rankings from our editorial, because not everyone has the same "number one.” Subscribers credit our publication equally for the places they have discovered, and others they have thankfully chosen to avoid.


Our intelligence reports are penned as journals to be read by trusted friends – because that’s who our first readers were. ARareWorld began in 2009 with a holiday card list and has since grown to be followed by thousands of influential and accomplished travelers globally.


With experience amassed from over 600 overseas trips and over 700 reviews, our journal has earned the respect of every five-star hospitality brand worldwide, who acknowledge that our judgments – even when critical – accurately reflect our experiences at their properties.


Our journal has endured the test of time. Since its founding, ARareWorld has inspired a diverse set of exceptional travelers, many of whom themselves own exceptional hotels. These properties are featured annually in our special edition entitled, "Prized Properties of ARareWorld Subscribers."