THE WORD “MISSION” derives its origin from the Latin word missionem, meaning the “act of sending.” It is a particularly appropriate description of ARareWorld’s Editorial Mission—to “send” our august body of readers the epitome of thoughtful and smart travel intelligence about the most bespoke travel experiences on the planet.

What differentiates ARareWorld from other publications in the luxury travel publication space is the unique way in which we carry out our mission—by using the exact same optic as our readers. How do we do this? Simply put, we are the reader. We are both advocates of and peers with our readership, with experience amassed from the more than 500 overseas trips and nearly 500 reviews since our inception in 2009.

Our credibility and legitimacy are founded upon our holistic understanding of the luxury travel space, and the extremely refined criteria of the ultra-high net worth traveler. These sophisticated travelers rely upon us for our keenly developed awareness of the luxury travel market—the places and experiences they need to know about right now—delivered in a peer voice. Regardless of how large their spheres of influence may be, ARareWorld is their trusted portal to properties they do not yet know about.

The veracity and integrity of our editorial product is further affirmed by the world’s most coveted hotels and resorts, who acknowledge that our judgments—even when critical—accurately reflect our experiences at their properties. ARW visits are viewed by management as unique and valuable opportunities to reflect upon their service delivery and guest satisfaction standards.

Trusted advocacy. Editorial integrity. Peer credibility.

This is ARareWorld.